Smoke and Vape Shop


We carry hookahs, parts, accessories, coals, shisha, and whatever else you may need. Our selection of Starbuzz, Fantasia, and Al Fahker are hand picked for the best flavors!

E-Cigs & E-liquid

Parts, accessories, and complete starter kits. We sell Total Vapor products, Voda, Cuttwood, Cosmic Fog, Doh nuts, Cerealogy, We offer American made e-liquid, all of which use kosher and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


Papers, wraps,blunts, grinders, cleaners, pipe bags, cases, ashtrays, lighters, and more,  if its smoking related we sell it.

Import Glass

We carry a selection of import glass. Often still soaked with the tears of the 8 year old sweat shop worker, these pipes are functional and cheap.

Water Pipes

We have a wide selection of national tubes, including; GravLabs, Sheldon Black, ATX, ZOB, Green Flash, HiSi, and many more. These tubes are made with the highest quality in mind.


We carry everything from concentrate pens to the best portable vapes on the market. We have personally tested each style of vape out there, we only carry the ones that work.

RYO Cigarettes

We have everything you need to start rolling your own smokes. Save money by rolling your own!

Local Glass Art

We get a lot of our glass from local blowers. When you buy local you get better quality glass and awesome design work. Hundreds of glass pipes for sale

Smoke Shop in Port Richey